How to deal with negative energy and where it comes from?

How to deal with negative energy and where it comes from

Many people think that bad energy comes only from fundamentally evil people who consciously wish the worst for others. It is among such people that many use black magic to a greater or lesser extent. Such views, however, have little to do with reality. Yes, probably each of us could find amateurs of black magic in our surroundings, but you don’t really need to know about it to harm others. Even we ourselves, who, after all, do not wish anyone anything bad, can send such negative energy to someone.

Anger, jealousy, envy, frustrations – all these generate negative energy

Your friend, whom you actually even like, bought a new car. And it’s an expensive one that you can’t afford – where does he get so much money? Your neighbors are doing a major renovation, and it’s as if they didn’t notice the huge increases in building materials – that’s how much they earn? A friend has a fantastic partner, while you are still single – what is she better at? A woman you pass on the street looks great in a tight dress and high heels – until you squirm that your (according to you…) figure won’t allow such an outfit.

Does this remind you of something? Who of us with his hand on his heart can say that he has never felt the sting of jealousy? And I don’t want to break down these situations here in terms of the fact that an acquaintance may have taken out a loan, a neighbor saved for many years, a friend was single for a long time, and a woman passing by is not necessarily happy at all because of her appearance. I want to draw attention to the fact that such situations and our feelings give birth to precisely this unfortunate negative energy. Another thing is that energy likes to circulate like a boomerang and rather always returns to the “owner”. Let’s deal with this on another occasion.

How to deal with negative energy

We can deflect or neutralize negative energy. Depending on where this energy accumulates or what it focuses on. You can protect yourself or specific people, clean and secure houses, objects, cars. There are really quite a few ways, and they are not particularly complicated or require specialized knowledge.

How to deal with negative energy

How to protect yourself and your surroundings from the effects of negative energy


Stones are excellent at absorbing negative energy from their surroundings, so it’s a good idea to surround yourself with them. Some of them also have the power to turn this negative energy into positive energy. You can spread them out indoors or carry them with you in the form of jewelry or simply as a pebble put in your pocket or purse. Stones that can protect us include black tourmaline, black obsidian, malachite, rock crystal, amethyst, red coral, amber, red jasper, agate. However, when using the protection of stones, it is important to remember that they need to be cleaned and energized from time to time. How to do it? We wrote about it in the article on mountain crystal.


Herbs have not only the power of healing. Infusions, decoctions, herbal tinctures are probably used in every home to a greater or lesser extent. But herbs, in addition to their medicinal benefits, also have the power to purify and fill rooms with good energy. The most common use of dried herbs is for fumigation. This can be in the form of a bundle when fumigating rooms or cars, or in the form of a small sprig, which is burned similarly to classic incense. The second way to use herbs is to carry them with you – for example, when poured into a small pouch. The pouch should be of natural material, such as cotton or linen. To enhance the strength of the herbs, a little salt can be added to them. Here are some of the herbs that work well with negative energy: wormwood, elder flower, juniper berries, mugwort, thyme, white sage, lavender.

After fumigating the room, it should then be well aired out, and then charged with positive energy. Other herbs or essential oils can be used for this purpose.

How to deal with negative energy


Salt is one of the most excellent ways to deal with bad energies. In water with salt, you can wash items that may have been offered by someone whose intentions you are unsure of. When buying something at so-called flea markets, it is also a good idea to clean these items in a similar way before washing them properly.

Salt spread around the house or in the corners of the apartment like a sponge will absorb what is bad. While outside you can simply sprinkle the salt, at home it is enough to pour a small amount onto tiny saucers and place them in the corners. A great way to do this are salt lamps, which have recently come back into fashion again.

Sharp objects

It is said that sharp objects are great for the so-called “bad eye. The evil eye is nothing more than the gaze of envious, false and unfriendly people. Pinned into the lining of a jacket or the inside of a blouse, a safety pin or pin will attract unfavorable energy and then neutralize it. From time to time, you need to check whether the sharp end of the safety pin or pin has turned dark. If this is the case, it should be removed and buried in the ground – the safety pin must then be undone.

Red thread

Red thread is known in many religions and cultures. It is most often attributed to the Kabbalah, but it is also associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and even Christianity. The red thread (cotton or wool) is usually tied on the left wrist. It is impossible to tie it ourselves, but only a trusted person can do it for us. When putting on the red thread, knots are tied, usually seven. When the thread breaks off, then it means that either it has served its purpose, or it can do nothing more for us. Importantly: the thread is not removed from the wrist.

Salt to purify bad energy

How to deal with negative energy: a protective formula against the evil eye and unkind people

Many of us, and perhaps everyone, have people in their surroundings whose intentions you can’t be sure of. There are also people who do not hide their dislike, and theirs can hardly be suspected of wishing us well. When meeting such people, one can use a certain very old protective formula:

Salt in your eyes,

and a broom in your teeth.

What do you wish for me,

let it come back to you.

Let it happen.

These words should be said in a whisper or in your mind, looking at that person. Without fear, this is not something that will hurt the other person, but only protect us from him. Anything that this person sends in our direction will simply come back to him. So if it’s just our assumption that this is a person who is ill-disposed to us, we will not harm him in any way.

Mirror – for the reflection of what we do not want

We can also call the above formula a mental mirror, as it reflects what was intended to come to us. A mirror will work in a similar way, which we imagine and mentally place in front of a person who says something unpleasant to us, attacks us. What comes from that person will bounce off the mirror and just come back. We can also make use of small mirrors by placing them in the pocket of a jacket or blazer, but with the reflecting side outward. See our Reading Room for a more extensive article on the effects of mirrors in home magic.

purifying negative energy

Saint Paul once said: do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. This is a maxim that should accompany us in our daily lives. Regardless of religion, regardless of views – let us try to live in such a way that we do not harm other people. The more of us approach life this way, the less evil there will be in the world. Still, it is good to know ways to deal with negative energy sent in our direction.

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