How to cast a love spell?

How to cast a love spell?

Love spells are a practice designed to attract the beloved to us. It has been widely known and used since the dawn of time. Therefore, today you will learn how to cast a love spell to make it work and make you fall in love with the man of your dreams. All spells described in this article are related to the practice of white magic.

Love spells

In the past, love spells were performed by a whisperer or herbalist. They oscillated around special mixtures of herbs, shrubs and remnants, which were characterized by magical properties and were intended to entrap or attract a potential partner. Today, the love spell has been modernized and is based on saying or writing down words. At the same time, I will immediately mention that a charm is not the same as a spell. But first, let’s deal with what the headline is about. To begin with, it is useful to know what methods are commonly used for performing love spells. The most popular of these is to write down on a piece of paper the name of your beloved and his date of birth. The more key – in esoteric terms – information we gather on paper, the more likely it is that the spell will work as we expect it to. After completing the paper with this information, we can light a pink or red candle and, by its flame, draw up a love decree. This is the simplest and also the safest way to make effective love spells.

Love spells during the full moon

A love decree is most beneficial to draw up during a full moon. In magic, it is considered a time when the moon has a very strong effect on all aspects of our lives. On a piece of paper, make a wish for the ideal partner or partner to appear in your life. Then for 7 days in a row read the decree by a lit candle. This way, the spell for love during the full moon will be effective and your dreams will come true faster. Wanting to strengthen the spell, you can resort to another folk way. We are talking about keeping a decree card under your pillow. Next to it you can put a sprig of fir tree. Such a set will allow you to dream of your beloved, so you will immediately know who to look out for in your life

Love spells – proven spells

Now it’s time for more practical magic spells, proven by many people. You will need several elements to perform them correctly. First of all, you’ll need gemstones and small glass bottles closed with a cork. Minerals worth collecting are amethyst and opal. With these, you will protect yourself from unfavorable infatuation and attract into your life only a sincere person who cares about a long-term relationship. Stones are worth carrying with you, but before you put them in your pocket, you need to purify them and perform a love spell, tested for the stone in question. We purify the mineral in water with salt, then expose it to sunlight and finally program it to help us find love and happiness. We supplement the bottles with love herbs. These include chamomile, sage and purgative. We place the crushed herbs in the bottle along with miniature versions of the previously mentioned gemstones. We can also put inside a tiny card on which we wrote a love spell.

Love spells, how to cast?

Another way to love is spells. This type of magic is more dangerous because of the risks associated with the inexperience of the esotericist. Therefore, it is better to be cautious and not say too many words. So first, it is advisable to clean the room with white sage and calm your thoughts. I have already written about how to cleanse the house from negative energy in the past on the blog. Once this task is done, we get to work.

First, however, I’m sure you will wonder… effective spells are possible, such as love spells, how to cast them to make them work? Everything stems from our inner self and faith in what we do and say. If it is sufficient, everything will certainly work.

Love spells

Photography. You need a photo of your loved one and confidence. You need to say the incantation with concentration while looking at the photograph. It should sound natural and come from deep inside your heart.

You can write it down in your own words. For example: “(Name of beloved), will be mine forever. May the elements help me, when infinite and mutual love begins.” The content of a charm for love does not have to rhyme. The important thing is to be sure of the words we say.

Whispering. When your beloved is nearby, you can whisper certain words with conviction in his direction. They may sound similar to the above, but the principle, as to their effectiveness, is always the same.

Gift. Give a gift from the heart, but charmed in such a way that the man will always think of you. Place the donated item in front of you and say similar words: “Let (name of gift) remind him of me and let (name of beloved)’s heart go out to me.

With the help of the elements, his love will come to me and entwine our fates in happiness, as in fairy tales for all time.” This love charm is sure to work when the gift is from the heart.

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