How to attract good energy?

How to attract good energy? What to do to make every day a good day? Make yourself a good day, because what kind of day it will be depends only on you. Do you want to go through it with a smile? We will suggest what to do to make every day good and with good energy.

How to attract good energy and make every day a good day? We wake up in the morning often painfully snatched from sleep by the irritating sound of the alarm clock. And this is already a contributor to a worse mood for most of us. Then we run to bring ourselves to order, also running to eat something and drink. And again running to work. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? How many of us don’t eat anything in the morning because we simply don’t have enough time for it anymore? Probably many.

Start the day with a smile – we often read and hear these words. And they often annoy us, because how can you start the day with a smile, when there is so much to do and at such a pace? It is possible, and we want to convince you to do so. However, it won’t come easily, because you’ll have to change your habits a bit, and as you know, with that it can be different. Where to start?

How to attract good energy – start with sleep the day before

In the evening, set your alarm clock to ring a few or several minutes faster. Think about how much time you lack in the morning to get everything done in peace. Those few minutes or so really won’t make a difference in the importance of sleep length.

Try not to “play with your phone” in bed. Don’t browse the news, as this is very often unnecessarily stimulating, and, after all, this is not what you want before bedtime. Much has been written about the effects of blue light from smartphones, so everyone probably already knows that it makes it difficult to fall asleep peacefully?

Try not to think about what there is to do tomorrow, don’t analyze problems and don’t get emotional by dwelling on what happened today. Let the problems of everyday life stay outside the door (even the symbolic one) of the bedroom.

Read a chapter of an interesting but not stimulating book with its action. We do not suggest anything boring, because against all appearances it can irritate

If you still fail to calm your thoughts and emotions, work with your breathing. Breathe primarily with your diaphragm and through your nose. Let your breaths be calm and longer than “ordinary” ones. You will give your body a signal that now is the time to slow down and rest.

How to attract good energy – good morning

When your alarm clock rings, begin to slowly stretch to awaken your entire body from sleep. Stretching and stretching in bed is a very good way to first stimulate circulation and wake up peacefully. Allow yourself this moment of what blissful gymnastics. Engage your thoughts and direct them to the tracks of calmness and simultaneous curiosity about the coming day. Think about the fact that it is sure to be a good day, after all, it has started so beautifully.

We know how difficult it is sometimes to wring out a smile and optimism. Everyday life doesn’t help with that, unfortunately. War, increases in interest rates on loans, inflation, high prices, chasing deadlines at work… Undoubtedly, this is not a dream reality for anyone. At this point, however, you have to ask the question: living in permanent stress and with a whole lot of black thoughts, do we have an impact on what is happening outside of us at this point?… However, we have a huge impact on the quality of our mental life. Every negative thought is negative energy, attracting other negative energies on top of it. Wanting to attract good ones, we ourselves must create them and send a message to the universe that only for them there is a place in us. Do you have a difficult exam today? Go to it with confidence that you will pass. Are you facing an important conversation with your boss? Tell yourself that it will go successfully for you. Remember that what you create with your thoughts comes back to you more than once.

Do you want to have a good day? It’s up to you what it will be like. Remember that you attract what you spread yourself. If you create a friendly aura around you, then it will only attract good energy. You know the proverb “pulls his own to his own”? It is exactly the same with energy.

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