How do I find the motivation to meditate regularly?

How do I find the motivation to meditate regularly?

Meditation is becoming an increasingly popular form of relaxation and taking care of one’s mental health. More and more people are practicing it, and experts are decrying its positive effects. In fact, meditation is a small but much-needed step in the right direction. However, the problem is to start and practice it every day, because only then will we feel its real effects.

Try to find time during the day

Developing new habits should not be put off until the evening. If we are to do something systematically every day, it’s a good idea to remember about it from the very morning, so that we can look for a free moment to meditate from the moment we get out of bed. If we wait until the evening, we may completely forget about it or not have the strength to get on with it. If we can’t find the time in the evening, the whole day will be lost. When we want to introduce a habit that requires us to devote a lot of time, we have to look for it from the beginning of the day. In fact, it will be very hard to do it at the beginning, and it is not worth skipping any day of meditation.

Meditate with ready-made programs

If you find it hard to focus at first, or to get a sense of how much time you should spend on the different elements you want to incorporate into your meditation, use ready-made meditation programs or YouTube videos. This is a very good idea for beginners. This kind of practice involves following the instructions of the person who guides you through the meditation process one by one. In this way, we learn for ourselves what it should look like and more or less estimate the time we need to go through the stages that are important to us. In time, we will be able to confidently dispense with this type of assistance and meditate on our own based on our experience.

Meditate in solitude and without distractions

Mute your phone and don’t allow yourself to be disturbed. Meditation is a practice that is better done in solitude. This doesn’t mean it’s always the best option, of course, but when we’re alone, the chance of being distracted is minimal. During meditation, we need to be alone with ourselves all the time and immerse ourselves in a kind of trance. Every time someone disturbs us, we’ll have to start the whole process all over again. The same goes for distractions in the form of notifications or phone rings. Therefore, never meditate with a timer or alarm clock and completely rely on your own sense of time in the meditation process.

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