Famous spells in Africa

Famous spells in Kenya

Kenya is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Equatorial forests, boundless savannas and mountain peaks all make the place simply magical. But the magic is also present here through sorcerers, whose numbers are dizzying. 

Kenyans see in sorcery a remedy for their problems. Hence the demand for the services of sorcerers is high. Kenyan magic is as popular as it is controversial. The local media reports astonishing cases of witchcraft every now and then. 

Security guard rooster

In mid-July 2017, in the town of Nyeri, which is located in central Kenya, a bar owner, after his establishment was broken into for the third consecutive year, decided to use the services of a local sorcerer. He obtained from him a rooster, which he placed on the roof of his bar, which was supposed to point out the perpetrators of the theft over the next seven days. Unfortunately, it was of no use. The rooster, despite the sorcerer’s assurances, failed to point out the thieves. Was this the fault of deception, or did it simply prove the ineffectiveness of Kenyan spells? In what follows, we will take a closer look at the other high-profile cases of magic use in this part of the world.

Car thief and bees

In August 2017, a car thief named Francis Sikadigu reported to a police station in the town of Bungoma in western Kenya. He was accompanied by a cloud of bees that were constantly stinging him. It turned out that Sikadigu had stolen the car of John Waful, who was a local car dealer and also ran a car rental business. The men met at a local bar to discuss the terms of the car rental. Wafula, who was consuming a drink during the negotiations, lost consciousness at one point. He was drugged by Sikadigu and robbed of his car keys. After he regained consciousness in the hospital the next day, he went to a local sorcerer for help. The latter assured him that the thief would not leave town. In this case, the magic worked, and a cloud of bees appeared around the thief whenever he approached the stolen car. After appearing at the police station, police officers and the local community escorted the thief to a local sorcerer, who gave him a magic potion, which freed him from the insects. Afterwards, Sikadigu was taken to jail.

Love entanglement

In early June 2017, a particularly awkward (and painful) incident occurred at a hotel in Nakuru, which is located in western Kenya. And this was due to two lovers, a married man and his sister-in-law, who were indulging in amorous games in one of the hotel’s rooms. The man was apparently unaware of the fact that his wife had secured herself for infidelity on his part with a sorcerer, resulting in the lovers being unable to “free” themselves from each other after having intercourse. Their screams alarmed the hotel staff, who rushed into the room. The wife of the unfaithful 56-year-old was informed of the matter, and she agreed to call in the sorcerers, who performed a ritual to free the lovers from their painful embrace.

The examples presented illustrate that the key issue when it comes to the effectiveness of magic is the choice of the right sorcerer. By ordering a spell with us, you are guaranteed that the person who will perform your order has been thoroughly vetted and approaches his work with the utmost care.

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