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Love is the strongest feeling that can unite two people even for life. And it’s great when that’s exactly what happens, unfortunately, it’s important to keep in mind that it happens rarely and many relationships end in breakups. In such situations, the person who is dumped wonders what he can do to get the other person back. When the usual ways don’t work, he sometimes opts for love magic. Then he is faced with the question of what is better to do, order a love spell or cast a spell himself. In this text I will write my opinion about casting love spells alone. Well, it seems to me that it does not make much sense. The reason for this is that if you have no previous contact with magic, you are a person with no experience in this field, then there is usually a very slim chance that the ritual you perform will be successful. In most such situations, you will only waste your time and give yourself artificial hope that you have succeeded in casting an effective spell. A much better option is to have someone who knows how to cast a spell do it for you. Such a person will probably be hard to find, but at least there are chances that the spell will really be successful.

The effects of love magic, depends on what you expect and what kind of love ritual you want to use. Love magic is divided into several fields, depending on the purposes for which you use it. So, you can use magic in four ways:
1. to retrieve a loved one – examples of spells that are cast in such situations are classic love spells, love spells or Egyptian rituals. This is the most popular field of love magic.
2. In order to gain the affection of a person we know, but who is not interested in us. An example would be to gain the affection of a colleague at work who is not interested in us. Then you can use a love ritual to arouse his affection.
3. To attract love – this involves using love magic to attract love into one’s life, or simply to gain success with the opposite sex. It differs from the previous two in that such a ritual does not specifically target a person.
4. in order to harm someone – an example is a love curse, which we can cast so that a person will never experience happiness in love.
So as we can see there are many types of love magic, the effects of rituals will vary depending on the ritual we use.

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