Discussion of love spells – Classic love spell

Discussion of love spells – Classic love spell

Love spells – this concept already sounds magical in itself, and that is exactly what it is. Love magic can work wonders. More and more people dreaming of true love recently reach for love spells, which have been known for centuries. Even back then, an omnipresent energy was used, which, properly channeled, causes two people to fall in love with each other again. Such love energy can make the feeling you dream of come knocking at your door.

Love spells are most often from the borderline of so-called “white magic”. White magic supports the creation of true, sincere feelings, without coercion or bad intentions. Love spells “open our eyes” to things that we have not noticed so far, that have escaped us through various factors.

An example of a love spell belonging to white magic is the classic love spell, which you can read about later in the article.

When to reach for love spells?

When our feelings are unrequited

the relationship is going through a crisis

we are looking for love

we are moving away from each other in the relationship

we feel that the feeling is dying out

we want to rescue a disintegrating relationship

A properly selected and performed spell will help us deal with these problems.

If love spells from the borderline of white magic do not work, and the situation is hopeless, for many people the only resort is black magic. Be warned, however, that black-magic rituals can do more harm than good. An example of a black magic spell is the voodo spell. When deciding on this ritual, we must be aware that there is no question of sincere feelings here, only artificially created emotions. This makes us risk that our relationship may not survive. You yourselves must answer the question of what you care most about.

Do love spells work?

This question is asked by many people. The answer is not unequivocal. Love spells give results if you believe in them. Those who are skeptical should not expect results. It’s a matter of negative energy, which will block love energy from the start. It is also wrong to believe that a spell will always succeed in people who believe in it. It is also influenced by many other factors that we sometimes cannot overcome. Remember that no one can be forced to love and then no spell will have the desired effect. We can help love, but we cannot impose it on anyone. It is worth bearing this in mind when deciding to cast a love spell.

Love spell: how to perform?

We can perform a love spell at a professional psychic or on our own at home. It is important to choose a day for casting a love spell, preferably under the protection of the patroness of love – Venus.

Love spells are best performed on a specific date. Experts suggest that the best time is the full moon. Why? That’s when the moon has the strongest effect and increases the effectiveness of spells. However, we can not always wait until the full moon, in which case you should not be too attached to this date and you can perform the spell faster.

Love spell: how to prepare?

Prepare the room where you will cast the spell: air it out of unnecessary odors, such as smells from cooking, incense, perfumes or air fresheners.

Lay out items in the room that will support the success of the love spell – accessories, fruits, herbs.

Dress in red – this is the color that symbolizes love and passion.

Do not forget white accessories – a symbol of pure intentions.

Classic love spell

Calssic love spell is one of the more popular love spells. It belongs to white magic, which means that it is completely safe for both the person who seeks love and the person on whom it will be performed. The spell allows one to find success in love, whether by connecting lonely hearts or repairing a relationship that has already begun. By deciding on a person’s classic love spell, you are assured that the feelings that will flow from your partner will be sincere and genuine. Thanks to such love energy, you have a chance to create a lasting relationship based on true feelings, and this is the basis of a successful relationship.

Love spell for a specific person with a photo

To perform this spell, you need to have a current photo of a man, and preferably he should appear in full.

Take the photo of the man in your hand.

Light a church candle.

Wrap the candle around the photo.

Say the following words: “I miss (name), my boyfriend (name), even if you don’t miss me that much. Every day (his name) should think of me, and his love should flow to me like honey. May it be so! Amen.”

Say the above words three times, then burn the photo.

Scatter the leftover ashes in the wind.

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