Differences between white and black magic

Differences between white and black magic

People have been interested in and fascinated by magic since the dawn of time, seeing it as a way to get what they want, to change their lives with as little effort as possible. Each of us has wondered at least once in our lives whether magic exists, whether it works and whether it can help us realize our dreams and desires. Each of us collided with the concept of magic in childhood, listening to fairy tales. The vision of magic, through which you can make your dreams come true, is spread before us by books and movies. Somewhere deep in the subconscious we want to believe that magic exists.

Spells for love

One can meet with various definitions of magic, among which the most popular is the division into white magic and black magic. White magic is primarily used to help and its effect is much weaker than black magic, but it is also and safer for ourselves. White magic can never be used to harm other people. However, it can help us attract to ourselves what we desire. All positive rituals, positive incantations, candle burning are just white magic. It is aimed at bringing good energy into our lives and materializing something that seems unattainable to us at the moment, such as attracting a better job, a good partner, money, health. It is worth emphasizing here that white magic can never be used with bad intentions. It cannot be used to gain the love of a person we like, to break up someone’s relationship, to get a dream job at the expense of another person. It must be aimed at getting a good job, a good partner, better money. If it is aimed at attracting someone who does not love us, influencing his free will against himself, it will already bear the hallmarks of black magic. For black magic involves interfering with another person’s free will and forcing him to do something he doesn’t really want. Many people think that through magic they can make someone fall in love with them who is not paying attention to them. That they can win back a partner who has left. That he can win the heart of someone who is already involved with someone else. In such cases, selfishness blinds us so much that we don’t think about the fact that it will be a feeling gained by force, that it will not be true love, but an artificially induced feeling through black magic. Would we ourselves want to be forced to love someone through magic? Certainly not… Feelings, gained by such means, are not real, and we must be aware that it is not love, but a magical ritual that keeps this person with us, that we have thus made someone unhappy, and have created an illusion ourselves, thinking that this person really loves us.

The boundary between black and white magic

The line between white and black magic is thin. Moreover, black magic will have to be paid for sooner or later. We may start getting sick, someone close to us may start getting sick, we may lose our job, we may get stuck in a relationship full of violence and growing hatred. The person we have attached to us by magic is with us in spite of ourselves, unable to leave, and over time negative emotions take over. And here we must be aware that black magic will work on us as well, and we will not be able to free ourselves from the person we have acquired in such a way. Bearing the consequences of using black magic has many facets.

Black magic can also be used to harm other people. It is all kinds of curses, curses, cast under the influence of anger, hatred, jealousy or pure malice. These are rituals so dark that I won’t describe them here so as not to give a clue to those who want to reach for them. Some even require invoking Satan and selling one’s soul. Here it is important to remember that what we cast comes back to us and can strike with redoubled force.

The division into white and black magic is conventional – there is a growing view that magic is one, that it cannot be divided into white (good) or black (bad). Magic is the channeling of energy for different purposes, and thus using it in our own way, according to our expectations. Many people believe that black magic is also all negative thoughts, malice, curses, our resentment, bitterness, jealousy, which we direct to other people in everyday life. By wishing someone bad, we unconsciously tap into black magic. The fact that our ill-wishes don’t always work is mainly due to the fact that we send out too small an energy charge for them to work. The fact that some come true indicates that our negative emotions were really strong.

So is it worth reaching for magic ?

I here would trust the Law of Attraction more if we want to bring good things into our lives – a good partner, a good job, more money. I realize that desperate people (and this is what unhappy people in love most often do) do not think rationally and in difficult moments are able to reach for magic – most often just black magic, thinking that it is much more powerful, that with it they will achieve what they want. However, it is worth asking yourself, will the love gained in this way be true? Is the game worth the candle, because we insisted on this particular person, no matter what cost we want to get it?

It can be said that, fortunately for us, magic rarely succeeds. It requires a lot of preparation, choosing the right things, it must be done at the right time. It requires many conditions to be met. However, it must be remembered that by using it, we disrupt our energies, and in the end it is we who will pay for it, even if we do not succeed in getting what we want with its help.

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