Candle magic- how to change your fate?

Candle magic- how to change your fate?

Until electricity was invented and became a public convenience, candles were the main source of light. Initially they were a commodity of the luxury shelf, so they decorated the rooms of the mighty, honored important events. Associated with the element of fire, in addition to light they carry an element of mystery, horror… Probably for this reason, too, candles became silent witnesses and participants in magical rituals. Thus was born a separate branch of magic, called, as you might guess, candle magic. This type of rituals combines the power of concentration and visualization, the hypnotic effects of a creeping flame and the healing effects of colors.

As part of the ritual being performed, after lighting a candle, it is a good idea to imagine oneself (or the person for whom the ceremony is being performed) surrounded by light of a color corresponding to the color of the lit candle. Such an action is called summoning a color. The same is done if, as part of the candle ritual, we want to ask for support or invoke some protective deity from the pantheon of Slavic or Celtic gods, or from other cultures. Then it is good custom to light a candle in the color attributed to that deity or goddess.

So how do the different colors of candles affect and what rituals can they serve? Here is a handful of information:

White candles – a ritual for meditation, purification or dedication to a cause, support for the practice of clairvoyance, divination from a crystal ball. A white aura signifies a spiritually strong person who is approaching the completion of his cycle of incarnations. White can relieve ailments accompanying fractures, toothaches.

Brown candles – aids concentration and telepathic action, especially helpful when assisting with a magic ritual to search for lost objects, has a protective effect (especially regarding pets). Brown is the color of modern priestesses and shamans, women involved in witchcraft. Candle in brown color will especially well “cooperate” with people under the sign of Capricorn.

Black candles – are most often used in black magic. They can also be used to ward off the spirits of the dead and to separate from negative energy sent towards a person. The color black does not function as a separate color in the aura, instead it is associated with deities and the world of the Underworld.

Red candle – is intended for rituals related to physical love, passion, sexuality, fertility, spells to act as an aphrodisiac. It favors strong-willed and dominant people (it is often their favorite color). Usually red is associated with high energy levels, vitality. However, if it visibly dominates the aura of a particular person, it most likely indicates great health problems. Red candles especially enhance rituals concerning people under the sign of Aries and Scorpio The color red can relieve such ailments as anemia, exhaustion, frostbite, liver infections, neuralgia. It has a beneficial effect in cases of leukemia and cancer.

Orange candle – great stimulant, adds energy. Therefore, it is indicated in states of exhaustion, weakness, burnout, depression. The presence of orange color in the aura can suggest a tendency to chaotic behavior, disorder and unstable personality. It is beneficial when carrying out

Blue candle – has a soothing and calming effect. It can also have a protective effect when we are asleep, defending us from various types of energy intrusion attempts from the outside. Blue color is conducive to entering a meditative state, aids in the treatment of fevers, sore throats, headaches, ulcers, relieves menstrual pain, lowers blood pressure, accelerates the healing of sunburns, skin irritations and minor cuts.

Purple candle – can be especially helpful for spells concerning psychic manifestation, strength, summoning good luck, strengthening the sense of independence and protecting the home fire. A lighter shade of purple, falling more into the tones of violet, has an inspiring effect, enhancing creativity. In the health sphere, this color can act favorably in the treatment of the following conditions: asthma, colds, mental disorders, sinus problems, sleep disorders, psychosomatic complaints caused by stress, diseases with cancerous causes. If a shade resembling violet or lavender appears in a particular person’s aura, it is most likely that the owner/owner of the aura has the gift of healing others.

Pink candle – should be intended and used for rituals and spells of a love nature.

Silver candle – has a harmonizing effect, restores balance, solicits the favor of the spiritual being to whom we turn, fulfilling a given ritual. A candle of this color – is especially recommended for people under the sign of the Twins and the zodiac Cancer.

Gray candle – is most often used during rituals aimed at neutralizing negative influences and such energy. The gray color of the aura is a bad sign, because it is often a harbinger of death (as a result of an incurable disease, accident, murder or bargaining with one’s own life).

Green candle – is intended for rituals that aim to increase the chances of the conjurer to succeed in the financial, social, personal, love sphere (the fertility aspect also comes into play). The color green can also be useful in spells to protect against greed and feelings of jealousy. A candle in this color is especially recommended for the zodiac Bulls. In the health sphere, the color green is beneficial for colds, headaches, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, stomach ulcers. To see the color green in someone’s aura augurs well, it means that this person enjoys good health.

Gold candle – is used primarily for rituals dedicated to solar ceremonies and deities, that is, related to sun worship. As for other purposes, the golden color works well with spells invoking good luck, prosperity, abundance, cosmic intervention. The golden color of the aura can indicate the outstanding maturity of the soul, which with its present existence completes the cycle of incarnations assigned to it.

Yellow candle – will be needed to perform energizing rituals, adding vitality. It is especially recommended for people under the sign of Leo and Twins

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