Archangel cleansing ritual

Archangel cleansing ritual

The ritual I would like to give you is a powerful cleansing and protective action. It is designed to protect your living space and all household members from external negative energy influences.

This action is also advisable when some household members feel unsafe at home, sense unfavorable energies, have a hard time sleeping and there is a general sense of nervousness. This ritual can also remove unwanted souls from the house, cleanse and nullify these energies. If any of you have suspicions that your house may be cursed or haunted, then you can try the action of this ritual. However, in more difficult cases, it may be necessary to exorcise the house. Then you will need the help of a person who professionally deals with such activities. I also perform such cleansings, also if necessary, you can contact me in such matters. In addition, I would like to point out that this ritual is also worth using in places not only residential, but in the place of one’s professional activity, or in the place where one keeps animals. These should be further protected from the evil eye, charms, or any negative energy effects. The ritual consists of two separate activities. On the first day cleansing, while the second day creating protection.

Performing these actions gives long-term protection and repeating this ritual can be done in six months or a year at the earliest.



– black straight candles, one for each floor of the house (if there is a single-level apartment, one black candle is enough);

– saucers for each candle separately;

– incense to incense the house or apartment, preferably resin incense, or possibly white sage in a bundle or other bundles for incense made from potent purifying herbs (you can make your own bundles from wormwood, for example);

– a ladle for incense;

– ordinary table salt;

– glass or ceramic bowls for pouring salt in the corners of the room;

– toothpick.


The first day’s activities include cleansing the rooms and household members of negative energies in order to perform a protective and safeguarding ritual the next day.

You start by determining which room in the house or apartment is the heart of the house or which you feel is most polluted. Then with a toothpick you write the following words on a black candle:


Once you have done this then you light the candle and place it on a stand in the room you have chosen. This candle must burn to the end. At this time you take salt and if it’s an apartment or house then you pour it into 4 bowls or 4 glasses or cups and put them in each corner of the room where the candle is burning. If, on the other hand, it is a utility room then you spread the salt directly on the floor in each corner of the room and along the walls. You leave the salt in this state until the next day, while the candle, as I mentioned, must burn out completely.

The leftover candle and the salt, which you later collect from the floor and dishes, should be put in a plastic bag and disposed of in the garbage, but outside the house. If the candles are wax then you can bury them in the ground far from the house, including the collected salt – without the plastic bag, of course!

In addition, while the candle is burning, once you have scattered the salt, the next activity is to fumigate yourself, your household members and the entire house or space you are cleansing. You do this in the following way:

1. you start by closing all the windows and doors of the apartment or house.

2. Then fire sage or resin incense or other herbs, and before you start to fumigate the apartment or house, treat each household member and yourself with smoke (fumigating from head to toe). When it comes to rooms here important tips. If you are doing the cleansing of a multi-story house, then start the fumigation from the top of the house, all the way down to the exit door, while if it’s an apartment you start from the exit door, going through each room one by one and finishing again at the door. The idea is to forge unwanted energies out of the house, and the easiest way to do this is through the door. Remember to look into every nook and cranny, as this is where negative energies are most likely to concentrate.

3. During the incensing, say the intention with which you are cleansing the apartment, e.g. “I am cleansing the apartment from … negative energies, from diseases, from anger accumulated, etc…… Let no more of these energies reside here”.

4.Do the direction of the fumigation when getting rid of negative energies counterclockwise.

5.After the incense is incensed, give a moment for the incense to take effect, and then open all windows and exit doors so that the energies can go outside.

In the case of single-family houses, the building can also be incensed from the outside by walking around the building in a counter-clockwise direction.

After such an action, a cleansing bath, for example, with a large handful of table salt or herbs, works wonderfully, and you can even bathe in a devil’s rib. You can also hang a bag under the running water pouring into the tub, sage tea, which has a cleansing and toning effect. If you don’t have a bathtub make yourself a concoction of shower gel and table salt, which you rub on your body from the feet up and then rinse your body.

You can use salt cleansing baths as often as you need. They have a great effect on the aura, pulling negative energies from us. Of course, this form of cleansing works at the level of light energy burdens, while more serious blockages in the form of maledictions or curses are another matter, which I discuss in another article.



– white simple candle or natural wax color;

– Ordinary table salt or witch salt;

– a bowl for pouring in the salt;

– thick white candle;

– white chalk;

– toothpick.


Pour salt in the bowl, let it be a larger amount. Then, on a white candle or made of natural wax, write the following words with a toothpick:


Next, you light this candle and put it in the salt. The idea is to keep the candle submerged in the salt and it is supposed to burn to the end, until it reaches the level of the salt. Then you extinguish it and leave the residue.

Then you place it next to the salt with a smaller candle burning. The thick archangel candle is to burn until the smaller candle burns to the level of the salt. Then you extinguish them both.

While the candles are burning, you perform an additional action. Namely, the same symbols that you drew on the candle in the same configuration you are to draw on every wall of every room in the house. These symbols can be small and invisible, hidden behind furniture. It is important to draw them, as they will further enhance the effect of the ritual. As a last resort, you can dispense with these actions, although in situations of more severe cases I would advise you to do it.

Each room has 4 walls, each is to have one Archangelic symbol drawn and an elemental symbol assigned to it, like this:

1. the first wall – the symbol of Archangel Michael and the symbol of the element of air.

2. second wall – the symbol of Archangel Uriel and the symbol of the element of fire.

3. The third wall – the symbol of Archangel Raphael and the symbol of the element of earth.

4. The fourth wall – the symbol of Archangel Gabriel and the symbol of the element of water.

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